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Join a life-giving culture that is changing the real estate industry – discover what sets us apart from the rest


    A Collaborative environment that is selfless, passionate and encouraging to all agents. Enhance your personal brand and build off your personal experience and success.Structure's platform puts the agent first - allowing them to provide exceptional service to their clients and allows them to keep more of what they earn. Our competitive fee structure supports agent growth and lifestyle.


    We strive to incorporate the best of today's technologies into our platform. The real estate marketplace moves quickly with constant changes in local and national economies, thus, we realizes the need for agents to be able to pivot and adapt to these changes and still be able to provide top-notch service to their clients. The Structure Agent Portal equips agents with the tools and technologies necessary to manage their transactions better and more efficiently.


    Our culture is a life-giving collaborative environment that fosters prosperity, vitality, and passion. We believe that life is not to be lived to work, but rather work is the vehicle to allow us to live this life fully. The goal is to create a work culture that integrates with our agents personal being and enjoyment as well as giving-back to our local communities to those in need. We encourage and support our agents to put faith, family, friends and community above all other. Relationships with your clients andproviding excellent customer care is paramount to being a successful real estate agent.


    Even with great achievements in real estate related technologies, real estate agents are more important today than ever before. Providing your clients with expert advice and care is learned and achieved through dedication to your career. In turn, those agents will build a successful wealth building machine with cash flow to enhance their lifestyle. To complement agent efforts and achievements, Structure offers its agents the opportunity for retirement investing through our Checkbook IRA plan in addition to encouraging agent investments in real estate.


    Our goal at Structure Real Estate is to create a life-giving culture that goes beyond the transaction. We believe that business can be both wealth-building and life-giving. As part of this culture, we are committed to donating a flat amount portion of each transaction to our partner non-profit organizations that aid the weak and vulnerable in our local communities. Our vision is to encourage a culture of giving in business and to fundamentally change the way real estate is done. As we like to call it, it's REAL ESTATE DONE BETTER. Structure agents will represent themselves as professional agents and community givers and we encourage each agent to give back in many forms beyond the company platform. A Structure agent is a world-changer, and as a company we are determined to make this world a better place.

    We're The Only Brokerage You'll Ever Need.

    Connect your career to a brokerage that has the support, technology, tools and culture that benefits you at every stage of your business.

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